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We have lots and lots to say about Tolly-Ho Restaurant. After all, we’ve been in business for over 40 years. Kick back and read all about us…
Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

We can talk about all the things that make Tolly-Ho special, but the bottom line is that Tolly-Ho is a restaurant. We serve food. And if the food isn’t good, people won’t come back in. No matter how fun the atmosphere is or how nice your server is, the food has to be good and good every time. That’s what we do at Tolly-Ho.

Quality food starts with quality ingredients. We buy high quality, name brand foods like Kraft, Pillsbury, Tyson, General Mills, Quaker, Fisher, Pioneer, Heinz, Hunts, French’s, Oreo, Reese’s, Hershey’s, Smucker’s, T. Marzetti’s, and many, many, more. Our Burgers are made with beef from a local meat company, where it is ground fresh daily, and never frozen. Our eggs are cooked to order from fresh, whole eggs. We use fresh cut veggies on our sandwiches, and only “REAL” cheese. We don’t skimp on quality or quantity to save a few bucks or make more profit. Our eye is always on the bottom line. The bottom line is that our customers’ final product needs to taste BETTER than we would want our food to taste and look.

Local Interaction

Local Interaction

Though the owner is a bit of a homebody (his favorite pastimes are to watch movies, fish and play basketball with his kids and grandkids), he does recognize the importance of local interaction. Because Tolly-Ho doesn’t advertise, we don’t have a budget to give donations, but we are able to help in other ways. We’re not going to spread those around too much, but we’ve been involved with many a UK Fraternity and Sorority over the years. To see our relationship with the UK Greek culture, just check out the our walls! Also make sure you swing by the area for UK Football Homecoming Weekend. There’s a fun window-decorating contest and we provide our window as a canvas.

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