We get really, really busy at night. This begs the question – why not expand? Be like the fast food joints and put in multiple registers. Make the kitchen bigger and put in automatic fryers. We could really make a lot of money. Or so we’re told.

That’s just not what we’re about. The owner is all about coming in and cooking his busy shift with the small crew he knows and loves. He works hard and he goes home to his family. That’s all he wants. Tolly-Ho is about coming in at night and waiting in line to order. Standing around with your friends when it’s crazy and elbow to elbow at the counter for your food. Catching a table just as it’s cleared and laughing about something that happened at the place you just left with your friends as you eat that juicy burger, awesome cheese fries, and fantastic shake you just couldn’t get anywhere else. The experience wouldn’t be the same if Tolly-Ho were like the fast food joints. Nobody would remember their late-night trips to Tolly-Ho fondly.