Tolly-Ho’s plate average goes from $2 – $15. You can eat on a tight budget if you like. Our breakfasts are inexpensive, tasty and satisfying. Our small cheeseburgers make a quick, inexpensive snack. You can also have the ultimate Triple-Decker Mega-Ho burger with the cheeses of your choice and everything we can think to put on it – fresh mushrooms, crisp and fresh bacon, an egg, or¬†jalapenos.¬† You can grab any delicious side item and top it off with a tasty milkshake with goodies like Caramel Oreo. We can satisfy any budget or hedonistic desire. Or, if you’re a purist, just like 40 years ago you can still get the simple Tolly-Ho with Cheese, Fries and a Coke.