We offer some distinct foods that are unique to the area or to Tolly-Ho. We sell Kentucky Silk Pie which we can best described as eating a light fluffy chocolate ice cream pie on a sweet sh0rtbread crust. Our words, of course. We also sell Ale-8 and Diet Ale-8. We have some serious Ale-8 junkies out there. They love their Winchester Swamp Water. (No offense Ale-8. That’s a term of endearment.) We also make the occasional round of homemade desserts. We have made puddings and pies and such in the past. We currently sell homemade brownies. They are oh-so-yummy served warm with ice cream and chocolate or caramel on top.

And one of the things that Tolly-Ho is most well-known for is our Cheddar Tots. We’ve seen other businesses try to duplicate these but they just aren’t the same. We’ve had them since 2001 and they’re one of our biggest sellers. So keep coming in for those tots – for the unknowing – they’re like tator tots with cheddar cheese in the middle. And we’ll keep making them like you like them. Oh, and for something different – try them with chili on top!