Tolly-Ho is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Almost.

We do occasionally close for holidays and special events. A “special event” would be an ice storm that shuts down the city. Wait! We didn’t have to close for that! Special events are generally when we decide to close for a few days for deep cleaning or maintenance. We usually try to schedule these around holidays or other times when business is typically slow. Those dates will be posted on the website and posted in advance in the restaurant. We usually close for Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day, but are open for New Years Eve and New Years Day. But since we’re a small business, we can change our mind, so check the site and look for signs.

If you want to know if we’re open on a holiday, you can call the restaurant. If we’re open, we’ll answer. If not, you’ll get a machine telling you we’re closed. If you get neither, we’re probably so busy that the regular line and the call waiting are tied up, so wait a few minutes and call back!