Tolly-Ho Restaurant first opened its doors in November of 1971 on Winslow Street at what used to be 108 W. Euclid Ave. In May of 1987, one of the founders – Bob Holopeter – relocated the restaurant to its well-known location at 395 S. Limestone. In the Spring of 2011, we moved to 606 S. Broadway and took over the old Hart’s Dry Cleaning building.

We happily rented the storefront on Limestone for many years and had been patiently waiting for the right opportunity to purchase a building of our own. We made what we considered substantial offers on properties in the past but found out we are just a little fish in a mighty big pond.

Finally, in 2010 the time was right and we purchased a new location for Tolly-Ho. We had been looking for a place of our own for years. We were like that young married couple that had been renting and saving and was excited about buying our own home. Never mind that we were 40 years old – we were (and still are) young at heart!

During our move, we put a lot of thought into redecorating and changing Tolly-Ho.  As a restaurant, compare us to our menu. Over the years, we’ve added sandwiches, we’ve taken things off the menu. We’ve made new omelets and moved things around. But the core items that make Tolly-Ho what it is have never changed. When you walk into our current building, you’ll see the same counter and the same wood walls. You’ll see the familiar paddles but the new reversed layout of the building. But when you walk in it still FEELS like Tolly-Ho. You feel comfortable in a business suit, a prom gown, or all sweaty in your running shoes straight from the 5k. And the new location is a quick 3-minute walk from the old location and most importantly – we have 15 TIMES MORE PARKING!!!