Our menu is best known for things like the Tolly-Ho family of burgers that include the Tolly-Ho quarter-pounder, the Super-Ho, the Mega-Ho and the Big Tolly. We also have sandwiches, side items, drinks, desserts, milkshakes, and breakfasts served 24 hours a day.So what makes our menu interesting? Besides the old-fashioned and aged marquee, that is? Why it’s the 40 years of love that go inside.

Tolly-Ho was started by two guys that shared a love for burgers. The Bobs. Bob Tolley and Bob HO-llopeter. Bob Hollopeter is the Bob that’s loved and remembered as “Papa Ho”. He worked at the restaurant every week until he retired in his 60’s and sold the restaurant to a young 29 year-old upstart named Roy who somehow shared his old-fashioned values and ideals. Their common values included the idea that the owner of Tolly-Ho should be hands-on – working the restaurant every week so they could be in touch with the food, the customers, and the employees.

Tolly-Ho has been around so long because the owner is hands-on and involved in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. And the menu. He tries samples of all of the food that passes through. He tastes the sauces before we buy them. Who do you think picked that awesome BBQ? The man who loves to grill out at home! He makes sure we have REAL grilled chicken – not some processed thing. And he wants real cheese. Sometimes he travels to visit friends and family. You can thank his time spent in Jacksonville, Florida for the Tolly-Ho Limeade. That’s why we’ve had it for years! And because he has a friend in Pennsylvania – we have the best Philly around! He tries not to let the menu get too big. It still has to be simple enough that one cook can manage everything and that the grill doesn’t get overcrowded with lots of different items when the line is out the door. There’s a balance to everything. He’s a businessman, but he’s a SMALL businessman.