To understand Tolly-Ho, you need to understand that our passion is to provide for our customers “A tradition of quality food with quick and friendly service in a clean and unique atmosphere”. We do that by focusing on three main objectives: Quality, Service and Cleanliness. We buy quality products from the front to the back of the house. The owner tries every product we buy. Our servers have to pass a test before they are hired and our kitchen staff works in the back for over a year before they can cook by themselves.

Speaking of employees, we did a little math. Did you know that the average employee over the last 20 years has worked for Tolly-Ho for 3 years!?! In the restaurant business, that’s AMAZING!! And that includes the people that work for a month and leave or only work for us a few weeks. We get that like any restaurant – people who think it would be fun before they realize that this job is a JOB. Working at Tolly-Ho is hard work. But it can also be fun and once you’ve proven you’re sticking around, it’s more like being in a family than anything. We all help each other out.

As for cleanliness – let’s talk about Moma Ho. Most of you have seen her buzzing around the restaurant late at night. She talks to people and hangs around. Did you know that her #1 job is to make sure that the restaurant is running smoothly and that the customers are happy? While she does that, she does something she loves to do – get to know our customers. We love that and so do our customers. But did you know that she also has another job? She comes in during other times or when we’re slow and makes sure that the restaurant is clean. I’m talking about the extra cleaning the employees don’t have the time to get to, like dusting the stuff up on the walls and scrubbing things. We’re a 24-hour restaurant. We don’t get to do deep cleaning after we close because we don’t close. We’re so thankful to have her. So if you see her, give her a big (gentle) hug.

By the way – though the place does get messy, if you want to know how clean it really is, here’s the true test of a restaurant. Find out how many ex-employees eat there. At Tolly-Ho, a good portion of our regular customers are ex-employees. They know that not even the 1-second rule applies at Tolly-Ho! And as for the unique atmosphere – we credit that to our customers!