Hos? Who are Hos?

Hos (or Ho’s) aren’t really an official title. They’re more a term of endearment. Ho’s are people who come into “The Ho” regularly.

  • They’re people who came into Tolly-Ho so regularly they (we) had to get a job to support the habit. (Says the webmaster almost 20 years later)
  • Hos are people whose parents went to UK and brought them in as a rite of passage.
  • Hos are the families that come in on the weekends
  • They’re the high school friends that hang out after school
  • They’re the business people that have meetings over lunch
  • They’re the kind stranger that buys a homeless man hot breakfast
  • Hos are late-night customers that come in after the bars shut down
  • They are the 1pm breakfast crowd
  • Hos are people who work across the street and come in every day
  • Hos are people who live across the country and haven’t been here since college but still remember us fondly
  • Hos struggle in when ice storms paralyze the city
  • Hos keep Tolly-Ho alive when the city shuts down the street in front of the building we rent
  • Hos Party all night when UK Basketball wins the national championship

Hos are loyal customers and loyal employees.

To see pictures of our many Hos, check out the Photo Slideshow Page.


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