Most of our drinks come with no refills. That information is provided below. For information on alcohol, please see the Beer Page.

Please note that our milkshakes are so delicious and versatile that we list them here and on the Desserts Page.

Tolly-Ho Collector Glass
16-oz pint glass with the “Best Little Ho-House” slogan
Small Soda / Iced Tea
16 oz – no refills
Medium Soda / Iced Tea
20 oz – no refills
Large Soda / Iced Tea
32 oz – no refills
from Lex Coffee and Tea – 2 refills dine-in
Coffee with Breakfast meal
Hot Tea
1 refill
no refills – ask about flavors
Hot Cocoa
no refills – whipped cream on request
Hot Apple Cider
16 oz instant hot cider
Orange Juice
16 oz Minute Maid- no refills
Fresh Limeade
16 oz Limeade made with fresh limes
1 pint plastic jugs
Bottled Water
Bottled Soda
Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Code Red
Bottled Ale-8
Regular and Diet
Sobe Lifewater (call for flavors)
Gatorade (call for flavors)
20-oz choc, straw, and vanilla
choc, straw, and vanilla
Shake Add-On
Oreo, Reese’s, Butterfinger, Peanut Butter (add to shakes or malts)
available in any soda flavor