If you’ve been to the site before, you may be startled by our new look. Welcome to the new web! The goal with this new website was to reflect more of the personality of Tolly-Ho and give those who have never visited us a feel for what we’re about. If you do know all about us, you may be asking yourself – if Tolly-Ho is a small business with no advertising budget, how can they have such an AWESOME website? Well, Roy – that’s the owner – is well known around here for cultivating talent. In this case, Stephenie – webmaster extraordinaire – has worked at Tolly-Ho since 1993. She was a server for a couple of years, the day shift manager for 7 years, then worked part-time as she went to school full-time. Now her passion on the side is Web Programming and she wanted the opportunity to play with the Tolly-Ho site. We hope you enjoy it. If you think it’s cool – send kudos. If you hate it, well – consider what we paid for it! Ha!


The Musings of Moma-Ho

Are you an “old Ho”? If so, you probably know Moma-Ho AKA Sandy. Check out her BLOG PAGE.

(Note: Moma Ho’s Blog is not managed by Tolly-Ho and is completely her personality. Enjoy!)


Web Design by Epiphenie Designs

Many thanks to Stephenie. She spent untold hours learning new Web Programing technologies and techniques on her own to make this site what it is today. The entire site is her concept, design and implementation. Epiphenie Designs is the name that Stephenie does her web programming under, though she is not a professional.

Stephenie began working for Tolly-Ho in 1993 while attending the University of Kentucky as a Singletary Scholar majoring in Chemical Engineering. After a strong start and a shaky middle, Stephenie dropped out of school to get married and start a family. Her daughter works at Tolly-Ho today.

Stephenie worked for a couple years as a server, almost a decade as the daytime manager and cook, and eventually went back to UK to graduate summa cum laude and with Honors from UK with her degree in Computer Science Engineering. She minored in Business Administration. Stephenie left us in a full-time capacity when she went back to school, but has continued to work for us part-time even after graduating and getting a full-time programming job. Her job is not in Web Programming, so it does not conflict with the work she has been doing for us in her free time on nights and weekends.

Stephenie has been interested in Web Programming for some time now, but only does so in her free time and for friends and family. She is not a professional, though she may decide to become one sometime in the future. For now it is a hobby and something that she enjoys doing and learning. She happily shares that knowledge with others.

If you are interested in seeing some of the things that she has done or in learning more about Stephenie, head over to Epiphenie Designs.

Photography by Seriously Sabrina Photography

Untold thanks to Sabrina for her GEORGEOUS photography! Almost all of the photographs on this site were taken by her, and they are AMAZING! Photographing food is particularly difficult and Sabrina built a light box out of a moving box and it’s amazing how well the images turned out. We bow to her!

Sabrina Hounshell has been one of our best Tolly-Ho since 2005. She’s currently working her way through school and is a senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications. On campus she’s highly involved in student activities including the Student Activities Board (Director of Public Relations), Dance Blue (photographer), KBook (Editorial Staff), and TOMS Shoes Campus Club (President). She is an intern with UK Public Relations and Global Creative Communications as a photographer.

In her free time she is also a freelance photographer, artist, and avid traveler. She does beautiful portraits as well. Much like Tolly-Ho, she has gathered quite a following among family, friends, coworkers, and word of mouth business. We strongly recommend you check out her website.

Sabrina’s future plans including traveling the world and taking pictures. She’s obviously going to become a famous photographer, so get your shots done by her now!!!

To see more of Sabrina’s beautiful work, head over to Seriously Sabrina Photography